Be sure to check out the large display of the best taxidermy supplies of 2017 from Head Quarters. See life-size bear, coyote and other game mounts, as well as fox, raccoon and small mammal forms. Plus, take a look at the many quality tanning and fleshing solutions engineered to make your mounts look stunning.

Taxidermy supplies and select mounts will be available for purchase throughout the North American Taxidermy Championship.



Learn techniques from master taxidermists and World Taxidermy Champions. Tommy Hall Thursday, January 5 3:00 pm–6:00 pm Whitetail Finish Work Tommy will demonstrate his award-winning techniques to show how to achieve […]


World Class Judges

Judges will evaluate and critique mounts across four major categories: Whitetail Deer, Gameheads/Life-size Mammals, Birds and Fish and Reptiles. Entries will be organized in five Divisions: Youth, Amateur, Professional, Masters […]

Triple Threat Challenge

$5,000 is on the table. Enter three or more mounts in the North American Taxidermy Championship, Professional or Masters Division, and you are automatically eligible to win first, second or […]