Which division do your mounts belong in? Which prizes are you eligible for? Learn more about how to enter, compete and win at the 2017 North American Taxidermy Championship.


Open to children ages 16 years and younger, multiple ribbons and a trophy awarded for Best Youth Entry (no cash prizes).


For the beginner taxidermist or someone who is just starting to compete. Multiple ribbons and a trophy awarded for Best Amateur Entry (no cash prizes).


Multiple ribbons awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and honorable mention.

The highest scoring 1st or 2nd place piece out of each category will be awarded Best of Category. If there are no 1st or 2nd place ribbons awarded in a particular category then there will not be a Best of Category. Extra points will be awarded for an originally sculpted form as well as a cast from a carcass, wrapped or carved body (must be noted on the mount tag).

The Professional Best of Show winner will be selected by the judges from the Best of Category winners.


There will be multiple ribbons awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Competitors are allowed to use commercially purchased manikins and artificial parts, if exposed or viewable. Artificial parts need not be made by the competitor or otherwise original, but are advised to be conceived as such. This includes but is not limited to: mouth tissue, tongues, jaw sets, nictitating membrane, noses, septum, waterfowl heads and feet. Commercial or purchased items not expected to be made by a competitor are ear liners, ear liners with artificial inner ears, eyes and artificial turkey heads. Extra points will be awarded for an originally sculpted form as well as a cast from a carcass, wrapped or carved body (must be noted on the mount tag). The highest scoring 1st place piece out of each category will be awarded Best of Category. If there are no first place ribbons awarded in a particular category, then no Best of Category award will be given out.

The Big Rock Sports Grand Champion will be selected by the judges from the Best of Category winners.


This category is for competition pieces where more than one taxidermist has worked on the entry.  It can be entered under a studio name or each of the artists. 

Special Rules for the Collective Artist category.

  1. Mounts must be the work of more than one person.
  2. Mounts cannot be used for Triple Threat Challenge.
  3. Mounts will be judged on the five-foot rule.


Open-Mouth Whitetail Shoulder Mount

Closed-Mouth Whitetail Shoulder Mount

Small/Medium Gameheads
Gameheads coyote size and smaller. Example: Coyote, Steinbuck.
This category is also for ½ life-size small/medium gameheads along with juvenile large gameheads for animals that would weigh 50 lbs. or less.

Large Gameheads
Gameheads larger than a coyote. Example: Mule Deer, Wild Boar.
This category is also for ½ life-size large gameheads.

Small/Medium Life-Size Mammals
Life-size smaller than 51 lbs. Example: Coyote, Squirrel.
This category may contain juvenile large life-size mammals, such as a bear cub.

Large Life-Size Mammals
Life-size Larger than 50 lbs. Example: Deer, Bear, Mountain Lion.
A juvenile animal of a large life-size may be entered as a Small/Medium Life-Size, but is subject to approval by the competition chairman.


Turkeys/Upland/Non Waterfowl Birds

Fish – Skin Mount
Fish that are two-sided skin mounts. Artificial head and fins are not accepted. Fish containing any artificial parts are entered in the Fish Replica category.

Fish – Replica/Reproduction
Fish that contain artificial parts either purchased or made by the competitor.

Reptiles that are skin mounted. Artificial reptiles are entered in the Reproductions/Recreations/Rugs/Art/Other category.

Reproductions/Recreations/Rugs/Art/Other or anything that does not belong in the above categories.

Mixed Group
Mounts that contain elements which fall in two distinct categories; for example a bobcat leaping for a flushing quail. Each piece will be judged and given one combined score. This category will not solely be based off highest score but also judge’s choice.

General Rules

These rules are put in place to insure the competition runs smoothly and is fair for all participants. The competition committee reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of rules as well as any other decision deemed necessary not covered by the rules.

Upon entering a mount competitors agree to the following:

Competition Hours

Mounts can only be checked in during the allotted times set forth on the schedule. Competitors are not allowed in the competition area except during allotted viewing times. All entries must remain in the competition area until 10:00 am Sunday, January 8 and must be removed by 12:00 pm.


The entry must be tasteful and suitable for public viewing. All entries must portray taxidermy in a tasteful manner. Mounts of hurt or suffering animals are forbidden, as are pets. Protected species will not be accepted without required documentation.

Entries cannot have been entered in any previous Big Rock Sports Taxidermy Competitions. You do not have to attend the 2017 North American Taxidermy Championship in order to register a mount but a person must be present to represent you. The mount must be done in its entirety by the competitor, with the exception of the Retailers’ Choice division. If the mount is proven not to have been completed by the registered competitor the competition committee will determine the consequences, which may include disqualification.


Upon registering your mounts, each competitor will be able to choose which division they would like to enter. If you have two mounts in the same category, you must enter them in the same division. Any Best of Category winners in previous Big Rock Sports Taxidermy Competitions must either remain in that division or move to the next level of competition difficulty if they plan on entering that category again.


Judges’ decisions are final. The competition committee reserves the right to substitute judges if necessary. There is a time allotted in the schedule for oral critiques. Critiques are limited to five minutes.


United Taxidermists Association score sheets will be used.

Example of scoring system:

(1st Place) Blue  1+, 1, 1-
(2nd Place) Red 2+, 2, 2-
(3rd Place) White 3+, 3, 3-


Competitors Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct towards judges or other competitors will not be tolerated. You may be asked to leave if behavior is deemed inappropriate. Cheating is strictly prohibited; consequences will be decided by the competition committee. Indemnity Entries that are received in the show are done so at “owner’s risk”.

Security Policy

In order to provide the safest and most enjoyable show experience possible, all customers and guests must present a current photo ID each day. You will then be given a wristband to gain access to the show floor.

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