Over $25,000 in cash, prizes and awards were up for grabs, second only to The World Taxidermy & Fish Carving Championships. Legendary taxidermists, including Brenda Duvall, Jeff Kimball, Vic Heincker and Page Nethercutt, led instructional seminars, and artwork was judged by a lineup of world-renowned artists. Dawayne Dewey, Kent Reedy, Jeff Mourning and Tommy Hall examined 94 mounts, including whitetails, hogs, turkeys and snakes, among other wildlife.

More than 15 taxidermists took home awards, with Jason Krause of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, and Matt Zimmerman of Denver, Pennsylvania, each scoring five to lead all winners. For Krause’s impressive porcupine, wolf, fisher and bear mounts, the veteran artist won multiple awards. Zimmerman’s alligator mount claimed a huge prize ($1,000) while his viper mount was honored with two of the competition’s top accolades―National Taxidermist Association Taxidermist of the Year and Big Rock Sports Best of Show.

All entries were organized in five divisions: Youth, Amateur, Professional, Masters and Triple Threat. Here are the 2017 North American Taxidermy Championship Winners:


The North American Taxidermy Championship was sponsored by Head Quarters Taxidermy Supply, D&L Custom House Broker, LLC, Barnett Crossbows, Accusharp, Savage, Badlands, Sig Sauer and Hornady.



Youth Division

Macy Tugwell

Winner: Macy Tugwell

Macy Tugwell Mount

Amateur Division

Lacey Tugwell

Winner: Lacey Tugwell

Lacy Tugwell Mount

Professional Division



Cameron Ream

Best Waterfowl: Cameron Ream

PRO - Waterfowl 49 Cameron Ream_IMG_1427

Keith Knight

Best Closed Mouth Whitetail: Keith Knight

PRO - Closed Mouth Whitetail 79 Keith Knight_KeithKnight-Edited

Ryan Garrison

Best Replica Fish: Ryan Garrison

PRO - Replica Fish 67 Ryan Garrison_IMG_1392

Kendall Wilson

Best Large Gamehead: Kendall Wilson

PRO - Large Game Head 92 Kendall Wilson_IMG_1565

Taylor Harrison

Best Open-Mouth Whitetail: Taylor Harrison

PRO - Open Mouth Whitetail 93 Taylor Harrison_IMG_1575

Jessica Meeks

Best Reptile: Jessica Meeks

PRO - Reptiles 26 Jessica Meeks_IMG_0932

Paul Miller 2

Best Skin Mount Fish: Paul Miller

PRO - Skin Mount Fish 69 Paul Miller_IMG_1442

Ryan Garrison

Best Small/Medium Gamehead: Ryan Garrison

PRO - Small_Med Gamehead 65 Ryan Garrison_IMG_1414

Ryan Garrison 2

Best of Show/Professional Division: Ryan Garrison

PRO - Best of 65 Ryan Garrison_IMG_1414

Special Awards


United Taxidermist Association Artisan Award

Paul Miller 2

Winner: Paul Miller



National Taxidermy Association Old Man of Mikeno Death Mask

Matt Zimmerman

Winner: Matt Zimmerman

NTA - Masters 52 Matt Zimmerman_IMG_1395

Masters Division


Dean Matthews

Best Open-Mouth Whitetail: Dean Matthews

MASTERS - Open Mouth Whitetail 36 Dean Matthews_IMG_1481

Eric Perry

Best Waterfowl: Eric Perry

MASTERS - Waterfowl 90 Eric Perry_IMG_1557

Jason Krause 2

Best Large Gamehead: Jason Krause

MASTERS - Large Gamehead 64 Jason Krause_IMG_1471

Jason Krause

Best Large Life-size: Jason Krause

MASTERS - Large Lifesize 60 Jason Krause_IMG_1474

Matt Zimmerman 3

Best Reptile: Matt Zimmerman

MASTERS - Reptile 52 Matt Zimmerman_IMG_1395

Jason Krause 2

Best Small/Medium Gamehead: Jason Krause

MASTERS - Small_Med Gamehead 63 Jason Krause_IMG_1478

Jason Krause

Best Small/Medium Life-size: Jason Krause

MASTERS - Small_Med Lifesize 62 Jason Krause_IMG_1466

Rodney Schreurs

Reproduction/Recreation Champion: Rodney Schreurs

MASTERS - Reproduction_Recreation 83 Rodney Schreuers_IMG_1509

Rodney Schreurs 2

Mixed Group Champion: Rodney Schreurs

MASTERS - Mixed Group 82 Rodney Schreurs_IMG_1509

Matt Zimmerman 2

Best of Show: Matt Zimmerman

MASTER - Best Of 52 Matt Zimmerman_IMG_1395

Triple Threat Challenge



Ryan Garrison 2

1st Place: Ryan Garrison

3TC - 1st Place PRO Ryan Garrison_IMG_1392

3TC - 1st Place PRO Ryan Garrison_IMG_1406

3TC - 1st Place PRO Ryan Garrison_IMG_1415

Jessica Meeks 2

2nd Place: Jessica Meeks

3TC - 2nd Place PRO Jessica Meeks_IMG_0934

3TC - 2nd Place PRO Jessica Meeks_IMG_0919


Jake Rouse

3rd Place: Jake Rouse

3TC - 3rd Place PRO Jake Rouse_IMG_1017

3TC - 3rd Place PRO Jake Rouse_IMG_0956

3TC - 3rd Place PRO Jake Rouse_IMG_1008



Rodney Schreurs 2

1st Place Masters: Rodney Schreurs

3TC - 1st Place MASTERS Rodney Schreurs_IMG_1522

3TC - 1st Place MASTERS Rodney Schreurs_IMG_1508

3TC - 1st Place MASTERS Rodney Schreurs_IMG_1512

Matt Zimmerman 3

2nd Place Masters: Matt Zimmerman

3TC - 2nd Place MASTERS Matt Zimmerman_IMG_1395

3TC - 2nd Place MASTERS Matt Zimmerman_IMG_1398

3TC - 2nd Place MASTERS Matt Zimmerman_IMG_1408

Jason Krause 2

3rd Place Masters: Jason Krause

3TC - 3rd Place MASTERS Jason Krause_IMG_1466

3TC - 3rd Place MASTERS Jason Krause_IMG_1472

3TC - 3rd Place MASTERS Jason Krause_IMG_1477

Collective Artists


Matt Zimmerman and Shane Zimmerman

1st Place: Matt Zimmerman & Shane Zimmerman (Shane not pictured)

COLLECTIVE ARTISTS - 1st Place 50 Matt & Shane Zimmerman_IMG_1402

Steve Tugwell and Kendall Wilson

2nd Place: Steve Tugwell & Kendall Wilson

COLLECTIVE ARTISTS - 2nd Place 12 Steve Tugwell & Kendall Wilson - HQ Form + $500_IMG_0908

Taylor Harrison and Dean Matthews

3rd Place: Taylor Harrison & Dean Matthews

COLLECTIVE ARTISTS - 3rd place 94 Taylor Harrison & Dean Matthews_IMG_1570